LE 1,399.00

THE BIRTH BAG is the first and a one of a kind solution that offers all kinds of comfy & luxurious lounge wear and essentials for a hospital stay all in one bag!

THE BIRTH BAG includes:

✔ NINE & BEYOND washable mask. Made of double layered cotton jersey.

✔ NINE & BEYOND knee length comfy cotton night gown that comes with Magnet buttons that you just need to pull to open! Yes Magnet buttons because no hungry baby is going to wait for buttons to be unbuttoned.

NINE & BEYOND soft and silky knee length robe designed to wear outside the bedroom, perfect for welcoming visitors during a hospital stay

✔ NINE & BEYOND handmade head band with customizable baby name because what is sweeter than wearing your little one's name on that special day!

✔ NEW! NINE & BEYOND handmade baby scratch mittens matching set with mama’s gown (0-3 months). Made of super-soft cotton to keep those tiny nails from scratching.

✔ NEW! NINE & BEYOND newborn hat made of super-soft cotton to keep the little one cozy & matching with mama’s gown. Can be customizable with baby’s name instead of mama’s headband.

✔ Lansinoh Nursing Pads (pack of 2)

✔ Medela discount voucher on all medela products available in Egypt.

✔ Sanosan Mom-to-be cream, a paraben-free stretch marks prevention cream with jojoba oil  (30 ml)

✔ Sanosan Baby Bath & Shampoo, a paraben-free perfectly sized bottle perfect for caring for a baby on the go (50 ml)

✔ Sanosan Baby Care Cream (20 ml)

✔ NINE & BEYOND 20% OFF voucher

✔ Ana 7amel magazine dedicated to pregnancy & motherhood with many relevant and important tips and topics plus generous sets of discount vouchers for mom and baby including a 10% off NINE & BEYOND voucher.

✔ All the items above come in a handmade fabric NINE & BEYOND bag to keep your items protected in luxury and style

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