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Our Story


When you first glimpse your pregnancy test, you know change is coming. Even though it is for the most amazing reasons, your body and sense of self will change. You won't just need clothes that fit, you will need clothes that adapt and flatter your changing body to make you feel great and beautiful. As your spending priorities will also change, we created a practical label where

you can wear the exact same garment when you are pregnant and after baby to solve the dilemma of investing in a wardrobe that you will wear for a few months only. We are taking your most comfortable wardrobe essentials from your nine month journey to busy motherhood.


We hand-pick our fabrics from the softest jersey, lightweight cotton to rich silk and satin to give you the most comfortable and luxurious experience. When designing our collections, we have your baby bump and post pregnancy body in mind. Knowing how to work with your curves, we carefully and creatively design to flatter your changing body.


With a bundle of joy coming your way or has already arrived, we offer solutions for a busy mom and mom to be. With very limited modern choices on the market, we have created a brand to make things easier for you by giving you a wide range of fashionable wardrobe essentials to wear during and after pregnancy.


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